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Policing Updates

Stay up-to-date with the latest happenings in your neighbourhood. Our news reports provide timely information on law enforcement activities, crime trends, and safety measures to ensure you're always in the know.

Crime Maps

Discover the latest crime trends in your neighbourhood with our interactive crime maps. By analyzing local patterns, you can take proactive measures to ensure a safer community for everyone.

Safety Resources

Get access to various safety resources and guides on ways to prevent crime and how to be prepared in case of an emergency. You can count on us to provide the necessary tools to stay safe and secure.

Postcode Analysis

Gain valuable information about your postcode. Find nearby police stations, explore transport options, local property sales prices, and more. Whether you're a resident or considering moving, our tool simplifies your decision-making process.

Property Prices

Access in-depth analysis of the latest property sales data, explore historical sales trends and compare prices in different neighbourhoods. Make informed decisions when buying or selling a property, and stay ahead in the real estate market.

Our Vision is a non-governmental organization (NGO) and a non-profit organization that aims to create safer and stronger communities through effective neighbourhood policing, community engagement, and crime reporting. We are a part of National policing improvement agency (NPIA).

Our platform provides easy access to information on reported crimes in the UK. We offer tools to analyze crime types, identify the most affected areas, and work together to create a secure and peaceful living environment.

Join Us In Making A Difference

We believe in positively impacting your community by engaging people like you for your neighbourhood's safety and well-being. You can join our mission and help create an environment where everyone can flourish. It doesn't matter if you're a concerned resident, a dedicated police officer, or a community leader - your involvement is crucial.

How Together We Can Make The Society Better!

  • Prevent Crime: By staying informed and implementing effective prevention strategies, we can deter criminal activity and make our neighbourhood a better place to live.
  • Build Trust: Building trust and mutual respect between law enforcement and the community is essential. We encourage dialogue that strengthens these vital connections.
  • Foster Unity: Our platform promotes inclusivity and unity among diverse community members. We can celebrate our differences and work towards shared goals that benefit everyone.
  • Empower Individuals: Education and awareness are powerful tools that empower individuals to take ownership of their safety and contribute to the community's well-being.

Join us in making our neighbourhoods better and safer places to live. Explore our resources, engage in meaningful discussions, and take positive actions that leave a lasting impact. We're, committed to creating a brighter future for all our communities, one step at a time.

Postcode Analysis

Postcode is the most accurate instrument for local authorities to pinpoint any property. Thus, in neighbourhood policing, we wanted to use the same for identifying crimes. Now, using our postcode analyser, you can easily find various parameters related to the particular postcode. Your postcode means your credit rating in the UK, So know what limits your score. Using a postcode, you can find out many interesting details like:

  • Safety of the region
  • Public places like hospitals, parks, schools, etc.
  • Amenities like water provider, gas, broadband, etc.
  • Transportation options like bus stops, railway stations, metros, ferries, etc.
  • Census details like households, population, deprivation index, crime rate, etc.
  • Workplaces nearby, companies and businesses around, etc.

How To Analyse My Property Using Neighbourhood Policing Tools?

Our backend engine has details about 30 million UK properties. Properties include residential and business properties. We can score each property depending on our highly accurate database from various data sources. We call it the Neighbourhood Policing Liveability Index. Our intelligent machine-learning system can determine how good a property is whether you are looking to rent or buy one. Analyse your property now.

Property Analysis Report

Our property analysis report consists of various compelling details:

  • Crimes nearby
  • Amenities available
  • Transportation
  • Nearby Hospitals, Schools, Restaurants, etc.
  • People living nearby
  • Property Sales Data
  • Historical Property Prices
  • Previous Property Sales Report & Estimated Property Cost.
  • Businesses nearby
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