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Essex Police aims to help people, keep people safe and catch criminals.

Essex Police has over five and a half thousand police officers, staff, and volunteers and is the largest non-metropolitan police force. The Chief Constable is Ben-Julian Harrington.

Essex borders Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, and four London boroughs covering 1,405 square miles (3,639 square kilometres). It has a population of around 1.85 million, making it England's fifth most populated county.

Visit the Essex Police Crime Reporting page to find details on how to report a crime.

Emergency Contact Numbers

Call 999 right away for any emergency, such as:

  • You are witnessing a crime or someone in extreme danger.
  • A serious offence is in progress, or the offender is still at the crime scene.
  • Someone is causing damage to a property.

When you are in danger and can't speak, Please follow the steps below:

Call 999 from your cell phone:

  1. Police won't be able to track your location, so you may cough, press some keys or provide any clue to locate you.
  2. Press 55 when prompted, and a Police officer will be able to listen to the voice coming through the phone.
Call 999 from the Landline:
  1. Police can track your location even if you don't speak.
  2. They will be able to hear your background noises and send an immediate rescue if they a suspect any danger.

Non-Emergency Crime Reporting

Call 101 when it is less urgent, but you need to report a crime or an offence such as:

  • Stolen Car
  • Property Damaged
  • Drug Dealing
  • Traffic Accident

Textphone Service

In case you have hearing or speech impairment:

  • Use TextPhone Service 18000 for Emergency Situations.
  • Use TextPhone Service 18001101 for Non-Emergency Situation.

Contact CrimeStoppers

To anonymously report a crime or suspicious behaviour:

Essex Police And Crime Commissioner Details:

Roger Hirst is the current Police Commissioner for Essex Police. Find Details below to contact the PCC Headquarters Office:

Essex Police Officers:

BJ Harrington QPM

Chief Constable

Brought up in North ....

Andy Prophet

Deputy Chief Constable

Deputy Chief Constab....

Contact Essex Police:


Phone: 101

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