Holly Hayes Crime Data, Postcodes, Census & Livability Index

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Find the complete list of Holly Hayes ward postcodes & properties. View information about the amenities available in the ward, census, crime statistics, property sales prices, etc.

This article also covers valuable insights regarding safety and the cost of living in the neighbourhood of Holly Hayes. Whether you're a resident or considering moving to Holly Hayes, the information below will guide you to make an informed decision.

You can also use our interactive map to access detailed information regarding recent crimes, public transport, nearby schools, police stations, postcodes, etc.


  1. Holly Hayes is a ward in the North West Leicestershire District.
  2. Holly Hayes has 38 active postcodes and has a population of 2569.
  3. There are 1046 properties in the neighbourhood of Holly Hayes.
  4. The North West Leicestershire District has 37 other wards.
  5. Most crimes in Holly Hayes ward occur near Market Place, with 10 Crimes reported from Jan 2023 until Aug 2023.
  6. 22 Violence and sexual offences Crimes have been Reported in the ward from Jan 2023 until Aug 2023.
  7. Find a detailed overview of the most reported crime types in the chart below.
  8. View statistics of crime locations where most crimes occurred in Holly Hayes.
  9. Get access to the latest Crime Data for the recent Month of Aug 2023.
  10. View Holly Hayes houses for sale page to get an in-depth analysis of the real estate trends in Holly Hayes.

Livability Index

Discover the livability index of Holly Hayes, calculated by evaluating factors such as safety, property prices, nearby amenities, and more. Our analysis rates the ward at 58, indicating a good level of livability.








North West Leicestershire

Total Crimes
(Apr 2022 - Aug 2023)


Crimes per 1000 Population


Map of Holly Hayes Ward - Crimes, Postcodes

Crime Statistics of Holly Hayes Ward

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Most Crimes Reported from Mar 2023 - Aug 2023

List of All Postcodes in Holly Hayes Ward

Showing 1 - 38 out of 38 active Postcodes in Holly Hayes Ward

Postcode Latitude Longitude
LE67 5AA 52.741 -1.353
LE67 5AD 52.743 -1.353
LE67 5AG 52.741 -1.355
LE67 5BN 52.740 -1.353
LE67 5BT 52.743 -1.352
LE67 5BU 52.745 -1.351
LE67 5BW 52.744 -1.352
LE67 5BX 52.742 -1.353
LE67 5BY 52.742 -1.351
LE67 5FD 52.738 -1.354
LE67 5FE 52.737 -1.355
LE67 5FF 52.737 -1.356
LE67 5FG 52.738 -1.355
LE67 5GA 52.738 -1.348
LE67 5GB 52.737 -1.349
LE67 5GE 52.738 -1.346
LE67 5GF 52.740 -1.350
LE67 5GG 52.738 -1.351
LE67 5GH 52.740 -1.352
LE67 5GJ 52.739 -1.347
LE67 5GL 52.738 -1.342
LE67 5GN 52.740 -1.351
LE67 5GP 52.738 -1.342
LE67 5GQ 52.733 -1.333
LE67 5GR 52.735 -1.336
LE67 5GS 52.740 -1.349
LE67 5GT 52.737 -1.343
LE67 5GU 52.737 -1.348
LE67 5GW 52.737 -1.344
LE67 5GX 52.738 -1.348
LE67 5GY 52.738 -1.344
LE67 5GZ 52.740 -1.355
LE67 5PB 52.736 -1.354
LE67 5PD 52.735 -1.352
LE67 5PJ 52.736 -1.350
LE67 5PT 52.736 -1.352
LE67 5PU 52.736 -1.351
LE67 5UP 52.745 -1.338

FAQs about Holly Hayes Ward

Crimes per 1000 people in Holly Hayes ward is 66.

As per the crime report from Jan 2023 until Aug 2023, 66 crimes were reported in Holly Hayes per 1000 population, which is considered very low in the UK. Also, the total number of crimes recorded during this period was 239, which signifies that Holly Hayes is the safest place to live in North West Leicestershire district.

Most crimes in Holly Hayes have occurred near Market Place, Bridge Mews, etc. It's better to avoid these areas or maintain proper safety while planning your stay around these locations. Use our map to view the exact crime spot.

The top crimes reported in Holly Hayes were violence and sexual offences, criminal damage and arson, etc. View the crime chart for more details about the most reported crime types.

The best places to buy/rent houses in Holly Hayes ward are The Hockley, Silver Street, etc. In these areas, least crimes have been reported, thereby providing maximum safety. View the Holly Hayes houses for sale statistics to find the property sales price in the ward.

There are 38 active postcodes in Holly Hayes ward.

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