Crimes Reported Near Athelney Avenue, Westbury

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Find crime statistics & chart of all crimes reported near Athelney Avenue, Westbury, along with their occurrence date and crime outcome. View crime spots on the map for crimes committed near the street.


  1. The total number of crimes committed near Athelney Avenue, Westbury, from April 2022 to August 2023, is 3.
  2. Wiltshire Force is responsible for maintaining safety on or near Athelney Avenue.
  3. Athelney Avenue in Westbury comes under the local authority district Wiltshire and the administrative ward Westbury North.
  4. Geo coordinates of the centre of the street are [51.269, -2.181].
  5. The Nearest Bus Stop to Athelney Avenue, Westbury, is The Mead at 149.75 metres.

If you have witnessed or been a victim of a crime near Athelney Avenue, Westbury, report a crime to Wiltshire Police.

All Crimes Reported Near Athelney Avenue, Westbury (April 2022 - August 2023)

Crime Date Crime Type Reported By Outcome
2023-03 Violence and sexual offences Wiltshire Police Action to be taken by another organisation
2023-04 Other theft Wiltshire Police Investigation complete; no suspect identified
2022-07 Possession of weapons Wiltshire Police Court result unavailable

Number Of Crimes By Category

Crime Category Number of Crimes
Violence and sexual offences 1
Other theft 1
Possession of weapons 1

Crime Statistics Near Athelney Avenue, Westbury

Public Transport Near Athelney Avenue, Westbury

Bus Stops

Stop Location Distance
The Mead
The Mead, Westbury
149.75 metres
The Mead
The Mead, Westbury
169.50 metres
Frogmore Park
Rosefield Way, Westbury
214.85 metres
Field Close
Meadow Lane, Westbury
225.53 metres
Frogmore Park
Rosefield Way, Westbury
239.23 metres © 2023. All rights reserved.